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Bobby Dale aroused many passions among those who met and admired him.


Bobby was considered a disc jockey’s, disc jockey.

His story of joy and sorrow could be anyone’s story.  Bobby’s just happens to careen through the world of radio, rock ‘n roll and redemption and ends in the Hall of Fame.



“He was radio’s Hunter Thompson”
-- Recording artist Dan Hicks


“He was America’s first underground
disc jockey.”
-- “America’s very best songwriter”
and recording artist Mickey Newbury


“He was an artist:
More Lord Buckley than Lord Buckley”. 
--Susan Kirk-Cox – former KRLA Music Director


“Bobby was one of the most talented
disc jockey's I've ever known.
He could make a tornado sound funny”.
--Charlie Boone – WCCO, Minneapolis


" Bobby took me under his wing when I first came out to California, and it was like going to Harvard for an education in music, literature, and life”.
--Tommy LiPuma –
Chairman, Verve Forecast Records



Among Bobby Dale’s biggest fans were elite members of the recording industry.

In this rare photo above, Bobby receives a kiss on the head from Jerry Wexler, the legendary producer who gave us hits by Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Dusty Springfield and Bob Dylan.


They called Wexler, the man who invented rhythm and blues.


“I was crying at the end ...
And, I wasn't sad....”
- Norman Ellis-Flint, Voice Over artist


       “You have chronicled a tragedy I never knew”.
- Sam Sherwood
Bobby Dale colleague of the 60’s


“There were times when Bobby
was in such pain that I truly wished he would die.” 
- Norma “Carmelita” Dale, Bobby’s wife







“It was hard not to love Bobby Dale. He taught the politics of life while simultaneously struggling
with his own”.

-- Lou Waters, author, Have I Got a Song for You



Bobby Dale with Elvis Presley


Bobby Dale liked all kinds of music – rock, country, jazz, blues, classical, even novelty records. 


If it was good, it was good. 
But the thread that held the weave of his program
together was Bobby. 


His world was truly a wide weird world and when he turned
on his microphone things happened:


Like when he did the news.
(UFO Newscast)

Like when he recalled seeing
 (The Frog Story)


Like all the times he devalued himself.  
(Disc Jockey Machines)


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